The geological model displayed via this 3D Viewer was created by a Geological Survey in Europe using different subsurface Information data (e.g. borehole data, contour maps, cross sections, data from geophysical surveys). These data are used for the interpretation and interpolation of geological boundaries in the model. The quality of the created boundaries is depending on the quality and density of the data points, the geological expertise of the modeler, the geological complexity of the investigation area and the purpose & level of detail for which the model was created. For further information please contact the model owner listed under “Contact” in the menu bar or access the online model report via the Data tab. The displayed models provide a geological overview and responsibility lies with the model owner and the respective Geological Survey. EGDI does not guarantee for accuracy and completeness of the model. Information retrieved from the model (e.g. virtual boreholes) represent the model, not reality! New subsurface data and technical developments can alter the model.